Because we all have freedom of choice that can change the course of our future at any time, and the future is not set in stone, there really is no such thing as a fortune telling device. A better option, one that can guide you on your path of free will, is the device that illuminates your current path as well as the potential blockages and obstacles. I offer a powerful tool for self-discovery with readings of the tarot, angel cards and oracles. I shine the light and your free will allows you to choose how you apply this information for your best benefit.

Tarot is a powerful tool for navigating life's journey that has been relied upon for hundreds of years by some of the most prominent and successful people in history.

I am an intuitive and empathetic interpreter of Tarot and Oracle cards. My innate ability to sense and feel energy and emotion brings a rare understanding to my readings. Like a storyteller, I help you decipher your story so that you can see how all of the characters and situations are operating. In short, I can help uncover information that may help you move forward in such areas as:

- Job
- Career
- Love
- Relationships
- Life Purpose
- Special Projects

For each reading, I choose the type of cards to be used based on the energy of each situation, unless you have a particular request.

Distance Readings

Tarot readings tap into the collective consciousness and are not constrained by space or time. Readings can either be done via text, in which case I am usually able to connect to the energy of your initial typed question, or via phone in which case I am am usually able to connect to the energy of your spoken questions. On occasion, with readings via text, I may ask you to send a quick photo of your question(s) written in your own handwriting.

Important Note

Please be aware that I exist in the light. Dark energy is not a part of my reality and, as such, it is not possible for me to conduct readings that deal with dark energy of any kind. Tarot should not be used to make important legal decisions or to address serious health concerns. Please consult your doctor or lawyer for guidance in these areas.