Intuitive Artist, Jani Bryson

Intuitive and artist, Jani Bryson, is able to CHANNEL the energy of crystals, stones, and shells. The subjects direct and guide her to make their unique energy more visually accessible.

These photos are unique.

I have been able to feel the energy of people, places and organic treasures my entire life.

Rocks, crystals, and shells speak to me in a unique language that I cannot yet explain. I am called to channel their unique energy with my photography.

Messages from the Crystals and Stones

The stones tell me what to photograph -- the important details necessary to capture the frequency and vibration that they offer -- and how to make the energy more visually accessible to you, the viewer.

The final result is a special energetic message from the stone, through me, to you, that can be embraced and integrated through meditation or study of the image.

During deep study of each image, you may notice pockets of energy......which may show up as colored haze or rainbow highlights. You may also recognize meaningful symbols, angels or spirit guides. This is intentional and helpful.

By tuning into this energy you will begin to align your vibration with that of the stone. The energy you receive from these photos is divinely orchestrated to be identical to the energy you would receive by holding the stone in your hand.