Intuitive Reading and

Tarot FAQ's


Q: What is the Tarot?

The Tarot has been used for centuries as a means for teaching sacred knowledge. For light seekers like myself, the Tarot is a tool for seeking illumination or revelation to answers deep within oneself as well as outside of the self. When used properly, it can be a conduit to vast universal knowledge.

While some individuals who live in the dark have abused the tool giving it a dark reputation at times, this is not the intent of the Tarot.

There are thousands of different Tarot decks, and I am drawn to those created by fellow light-seeking artists. I use decks that contain the light of illumination, realization and truth. I look for decks that incorporate universal symbolism, geometry and numerology, the true languages of the universe.

Q: What are Oracle Cards? 

Another word for Oracle card is Wisdom card. In my readings, I use oracle cards that feature animals, angels, symbols and colors. Each is completely different from the other and, based on my intuition, I choose the deck(s) which are appropriate for each reading. . 

Q: Is the Tarot an occult practice?

No, not for me. It is simply one tool of many that I use to tap into my intuition and the collective consciousness. You may be surprised to learn that  most Tarot decks, including many of the original decks, incorporate Christian symbolism and teachings. While there are some Tarot practitioners who delve into the occult with their Tarot practice, that is not the true intent of the art. I strongly disagree with that practice, do not believe in its existence, and you will never find that here.

There are important truths from all religions that are represented symbolically in the cards. In my intuitive coaching practice, I work with beautiful souls from all religions and honor the spiritual beliefs of all.

Q: Is it really possible to achieve the same results with a distance reading?

Absolutely. Tarot readings tap into the collective consciousness and are not constrained by space or time. You see, all answers are within you, but many times they are sleeping peacefully, snuggled deep in your subconscious. The Tarot is a beautiful healing tool that helps to awaken the universal knowledge resting within you and empowers you to energize those parts of it that resonate with you at the moment of your choosing.

My role in this process is to be present as a loving interpreter and guide. During our reading together, I am able to tap into this universal knowledge and using my training and intuition carefully coax out those parts that are meant for your understanding at this time.

Readings can either be done via text, in which case I am usually able to connect to the energy of your initial typed question, or via phone in which case I am am usually able to connect to the energy of your spoken questions. On occasion, with readings via text, I may ask you to send a quick photo of your question(s) written in your own handwriting.

Q: Do you do readings via FaceTime/Skype or in person?

Yes, of course. But only by special arrangement and here is why:

I am clairsentient which means in part that I actually feel the emotions and the energy of other people, animals, places and objects. This energy can be extremely strong and require that I direct my own energy to properly manage how I incorporate it into our reading. I have learned it is important that I first understand the current energies of those I read for before I open my own energy for an in-person reading.

Once we have formed a relationship via distance readings, I will invite you you participate in future readings via FaceTime/Skype or in person.