Daily Oracle Card Readings - One Month

Jani Bryson

Your personalized daily oracle reading from one of my many beautiful and artistic decks. Decks with themes of animal totems, chakra energies, feng shui, zen, earth elements, colors and angels. I even have a fairy-themed deck for rare occasions. 

Here's how this works:

We choose a 5 minute increment, the same time every day, for a month, that we will both be energetically tuned in to universal energy. All you have to do for this is to know that at the designated time each day I am intentionally focused on my connection with you and with universal energy. If you want to participate on a deeper level, you can focus on your connection to me and universal energy at this time as well. 

During this connection, I will choose an oracle deck that resonates with the energy of the moment and from that deck I will choose a card that communicates what the universe wants you to assimilate on that day. 

I will text you a photo of the card and a description of what it may mean for you. 

This is a wonderful exercise as we tune into mindfulness together each day at a given time, and you are blessed with a daily personalized insight from the universe to you specifically. This insight can be incorporated into your daily life and/or your meditations. (If you don't think you have time for daily meditation, might I suggest trying the art of active mediation?)

I keep this very affordable because I want to do this for many, many people.  I believe that we are all one and that, by strengthening others, I am strengthening myself through the collective consciousness. By lifting the vibration of others, I am lifting the vibration of myself. If I didn't have to eat or maintain a home, I would do this for free. ;-)

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