SEVEN Daily One Card Intuitive Reading - (via Text)

Jani Bryson

Want to understand where your current situation fits in the larger scheme of things? The tarot can help bring you clarity and understanding.

Because we all have freedom of choice that can change the course of our future at any time, and the future is not set in stone, there really is no such thing as a fortune telling device. A better option, one that can guide you on your path of free will, is the device that illuminates your current path as well as the potential blockages and obstacles. I offer a powerful tool for self-discovery with readings of the tarot, angel cards and oracles. I shine the light and your free will allows you to choose how you apply this information for your best benefit.

My One Card Intuitive Reading is a quick divination to help you learn where you are in the cyclical journey of your current life here on earth.

This reading is conducted in real-time, each day for a week, via text. Select an available reading time, a time that you and I will be available for active two-way text communication each day for one week. Five minutes before your scheduled reading time, you will receive a text with a request to submit your full name and your question. Your submission, along with your intention, will set the proper energy for the reading. On occasion, I will send you a request for further clarification. I will send a text when I am ready to do your reading and then a detailed description of my interpretation will be texted and emailed to you within 30 minutes of receiving your intention.

**Please be ready for the reading at your scheduled time and watch for the reminder text. Missed appointments are non-refundable.**

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